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What Is A Graphite Rod?

Nov. 02, 2019

Graphite Rods are commonly used in electric heating bodies of high-temperature vacuum furnaces. The maximum operating temperature is up to 3000°C. It is easy to oxidize at high temperatures. In addition to vacuum, it can only be used in neutral or reducing atmospheres. It has a small coefficient of thermal expansion, a large thermal conductivity, and a relatively low price. Graphite rods are non-metallic products. As a necessary pre-weld cutting consumable in carbon arc gouging cutting process, carbon, graphite and appropriate binder are extruded and baked at 2200 °C. It is made of a layer of copper after the section. It is resistant to high temperature, has good electrical conductivity and is not easy to be broken. It is suitable for cutting metal into a shape that meets the requirements.

The function of graphite rods is mainly platinum gold smelting and alloying. Graphite features: strong anti-oxidation, low resistance race, use temperature up to 1800 degrees Celsius and corrosion resistance.

Graphite rod is a crystal of carbon, a non-metallic material, color silver ash, soft, with metallic luster. The Mohs hardness is 1~2, the specific gravity is 2.2~2.3, and the bulk density is generally 1.5~1.8.

Graphite Rods

Graphite Rods

The melting point of the graphite rod is extremely high, and the softening tends to melt when it reaches 3000°C under vacuum. At 3600°C, the graphite begins to evaporate and sublimate. The general material gradually decreases in strength at high temperature, while the graphite is heated to 2000°C. The strength is doubled compared with the normal temperature, but the oxidation resistance of graphite is gradually increased with the increase of temperature.

The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of the graphite rod are quite high, and its conductivity is 4 times higher than that of stainless steel, 2 times higher than that of carbon steel, and 100 times higher than that of ordinary non-metal. Its thermal conductivity not only exceeds the metal materials such as steel, iron, lead, etc., but also decreases the thermal conductivity with increasing temperature. This is different from general metal materials. At very high temperatures, graphite even tends to be adiabatic. Therefore, the thermal insulation properties of graphite are very reliable under ultra-high temperature conditions.

The graphite rod has good lubricity and plasticity. The graphite friction coefficient is less than 0.1, and the graphite can be expanded into a permeable and transparent sheet. The hardness of the high-strength graphite is so large that it is difficult to process with a diamond cutter.

Graphite is chemically stable and resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents. Since graphite has the above-mentioned unique excellent properties, it is increasingly used in modern industrial applications.

What are the main applications of graphite rods? The Fine-graphite Rod Supplier will come to tell you.

Application areas:

Graphite Lubrication Columns are used for self-lubricating bearings, dry-type lubricant inlaid bearings, sliders, oil-impregnated graphite inlaid bearings and sliders, oil-impregnated graphite bearings, mainly used in foods that do not allow contamination, pharmaceuticals, etc. Rotating machinery and equipment working in high temperature environment, equipment that cannot be lubricated with lubricating oil, such as: rolling mill, cast ladle, crane hook bearing, kiln row bearing, etc., can also be used for large equipment that is not convenient for lubrication.

The above is a detailed description of the graphite rod, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you have a demand for graphite rods, you can contact us. We are a company specializing in the production and sales of graphite products, including Graphite Electrode, graphite coils, graphite rods, etc. I believe that our quality and price will make you satisfied. Welcome to buy.


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