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How To Choose A Good Graphite Electrode Material?

Nov. 07, 2019

What are the favorable factors for the development of the graphite electrode market? Electrical Conductivity Graphite Electrode Supplier take you to see!

(1) The down-flow electric furnace steel is profitable, and the demand for graphite electrodes is good.

Following the supply-side reform policy of the steel industry, the impact of the strip steel has become the top priority in screening backward production capacity. Due to the influence of the medium frequency furnace, the electric furnace steel is active, and the economic benefits of electric furnace steel are prominent. The electric furnace steel is high-powered and super-high. The demand for graphite electrodes is good, and the enthusiasm for acquisition is high.

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

(2) The graphite electrode gap in the world shopping mall is large.

In the past few years, the economic environment was poor, and six world-renowned graphite electrode production enterprises have been shut down one after another. Some enterprises have removed some equipment and difficulties in resumption of production, resulting in a production capacity gap of nearly 200,000 tons, making the world The market is also showing a situation of oversupply. At present, driven by the demand of the whole world shopping malls, the volume and price of export sales have risen, and even some foreign users have offered to increase the price of goods.

The apparent consumption of Graphite Electrode in China was 353,600 tons, a slight increase of 3.06% year-on-year. Domestic graphite electrode demand has limited effect on the output value of graphite electrode. The increase in demand for graphite electrode in overseas arc furnace is the central driving force for the increase of domestic graphite electrode output value.

(3) High-intensity environmental protection supervision leads to over-supply situation and is difficult to alleviate in the short term.

We know that the size of graphite particles directly affects the degree of loss. The larger the particles, the greater the loss, and the smaller the loss, and the size of the graphite particles has a rough surface. Larger impact. Then, after clearing the market situation of the graphite electrode industry, how should people choose the right graphite electrode material when choosing?

First of all, the graphite electrode has a relatively high melting point, so it has high heat resistance. The material of the graphite electrode can be divided into different grades according to the unreasonable requirements, and the selection of the graphite electrode material is also a very critical factor because of material selection. The suitability or not has a certain influence on the speed of production and processing, so it is possible to select a suitable graphite electrode material according to different processing conditions.

Then, when purchasing, you should mainly purchase the products with quality assurance from the regular manufacturers or professional suppliers, so as to ensure the quality of the purchased products and ensure the quality and efficiency of the production.

Finally, according to their actual needs, select the product specifications and models to match the product, some professional manufacturers can be customized according to the actual design needs of customers, so when choosing, you must pay attention to whether the selected products meet their own Actual demand.

The above is a description of how to choose graphite electrode materials, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in graphite electrodes, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of carbon products including graphite electrodes, Needle Coke, welcome you.


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