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What Are the Uses of Graphite Rods?

Aug. 01, 2020

What is the graphite rod? It is a non-metallic manufactured product, and people will think of it when it is necessary to cut materials because it has good high-temperature resistance and not easy to break properties, so we can use it when we need to cut the metal into the shape we want to the graphite rod. So what are the uses of graphite rods?  

Application 1: Used as a refractory material   

Because of the characteristics of graphite rods with high-temperature resistance, we can often see it in the metallurgical industry. It can be used to make graphite crucibles. Therefore, when it is used in steelmaking, it can be called a protective agent.  

Application 2: Used as a wear-resistant lubricating material   

In the machinery industry, we usually use graphite rods as lubricants, because if you simply use lubricating oil, you can’t use them under high-speed, high-temperature conditions, so you need to use graphite rods because they can slide quickly at higher temperatures. Usually, those types of equipment that transport corrosive media can use a variety of graphite rods as piston cups.  

Graphite Rods

Application 3: Used as high-temperature metallurgical material   

We all know that graphite rods are made of graphite and carbon together with appropriate binders, so this high-temperature resistance change can be used as a mold for glassware, making the size of the castings manufactured more accurate. You can also save more metal.  

Application 4: Used as a chemical material   

Fire-resistant graphite rods can be used when producing chemical products because they can generate volume under heated conditions, and then expand rapidly to suffocate the flame, so it can isolate the flame and ensure the safety of chemical products during the production process.  

The above are some simple uses of graphite rods, which can be seen in many industries, so they play a pivotal role in the national economy. Then when we buy graphite rods, we can search for graphite rod product rankings on the Internet and find Professional and first-class products play an important role in the company's production.

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