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Jul. 22, 2019

Huanan carbon have last 30 years , from the workshops in the early days of the venture to the leading enterprises specialized small-scale carbon products in the country, we have gone through a struggle with painstaking efforts. We are grateful to the community for their strong support and selfless care for Huanan carbon factory, and for the hard-working employees who work hard in various positions!

Huanan carbon adheres to seven concepts:

Management philosophy: unity of people and enterprises, strict words, meticulous

Development concept: hardworking makes perfection, brand can forge the figure

Learning concept: open mind for advanced tech

Marketing concept: reputation & product quality comes first, win-win progress

Service concept: everything for the customer, for the customer's everything

Production concept: safe, high quality, low consumption, clean

Environmental concept: create a green environment and share a harmonious society

The website is a window, a bridge and a platform. I hope that through this window, I will show you the image and every effort of Huanan carbon.Relying on this platform, gather the support of all levels of government and society, the wisdom of the industry and the full input of Huanan workers, share the results and seek common development. We sincerely welcome friends from overseas and domestic to come to Huanan Carbon!


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