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What Are The Advantages Of Ordinary Power Graphite Electrodes Compared With Steel Electrodes?

Aug. 26, 2019

There are many types of Graphite Electrode, including graphite electrodes and copper electrodes. These two different materials have different characteristics, and can be selected according to the application requirements. However, graphite electrodes have many advantages over copper electrodes. Therefore, graphite electrodes have won recognition from many users for their own advantages and are widely used.

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

Compared with copper electrodes, graphite electrodes are easy to process, and the processing speed is very fast, and there is no dust problem in the process. In the processing of copper electrodes, because of the need for additional manual processing, that is, manual grinding, the processing speed is slow and the production efficiency is low. In addition, graphite electrodes have other advantages over copper electrodes.

Processing speed, high-speed milling and roughing processing is 3 times faster than copper; high-speed milling and finishing is 5 times faster than copper;

Good machinability and complex geometry modeling;

Light weight, less than 1/4 of the density of copper, the electrode is easy to clamp;

The number of individual electrodes can be reduced because it can be bundled into a combined electrode;

Good thermal stability, no deformation, no processing burrs;

As a Graphite Electrode Factory, the graphite electrodes produced and supplied by our company mainly include ordinary power graphite electrodes, high-power graphite electrodes, ultra-high power graphite electrodes, carbon electrodes, etc. Our Graphite Electrode Price is good. The models are various and reasonable in price, which can satisfy the graphite electrodes of the majority of users.


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