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Needle Coke And Graphite Electrode

Jan. 09, 2020

The production process of carbon materials is a tightly controlled system engineering. The production of graphite electrodes, special carbon materials, aluminum carbon, and new high-end carbon materials are inseparable from the four production factors of raw materials, equipment, technology, management and related proprietary combination of technologies.

Raw materials are the key factors that determine the basic characteristics of carbon materials. The properties of the raw materials determine the performance of the manufactured carbon materials. As far as the production of UHP and HP Graphite Electrode is concerned, high-quality needle coke is the first choice, as well as high-quality binder asphalt and impregnating asphalt. But only high-quality raw materials, lack of equipment, technology, management elements and related proprietary technologies, can not produce high-quality UHP, HP graphite electrodes.

HP Graphite Electrode

HP Graphite Electrode

Although China's Needle Coke Graphite Electrode industrial production is later than foreign companies, it has developed rapidly in recent years and has now begun to take shape. In terms of total production, it can basically meet the domestic carbon companies' production of UHP and HP graphite electrodes for needle coke. Quantity demand. However, there is still a certain gap in the quality of acicular coke compared with foreign companies. Fluctuations in batch performance affect the demand for high-quality acicular coke produced by large-scale UHP and HP graphite electrodes, especially the graphite electrode joints have not yet been met Needle coke for high-quality joints used in production.

Foreign carbon companies often choose high-quality petroleum needle coke as the main raw material coke for producing large-scale UHP and HP graphite electrodes. China's acicular coke is mainly coal-based acicular coke. Carbon companies often rely on imported petroleum-based acicular coke to produce high-quality large-sized UHP graphite electrodes, especially the production of high-quality joints.

At present, needle-shaped coke produced by various enterprises is usually compared with commercial performance indicators of foreign needle-shaped coke by conventional performance indicators such as ash, true density, sulfur content, nitrogen content, particle size distribution, and thermal expansion coefficient. However, compared with foreign countries, acicular coke classification with different levels of performance is still lacking. Therefore, the production of needle-shaped coke is more commonly referred to as "common goods", which does not reflect the high-quality, good-priced needle-shaped coke.

In the comparison of acicular coke performance, carbon companies should pay attention to the classification of thermal expansion coefficient of acicular coke, particle strength, anisotropy, expansion data in non-inhibited state and suppressed state, expansion and characterization of acicular coke such as the temperature zone in which it shrinks. Because these thermal properties of acicular coke are very important for the control of the graphitization process in the production process of graphite electrodes, of course, the influence of the thermal properties of pitch coke formed by the baking of binder and impregnant asphalt is not ruled out.

The analysis of the anisotropy performance of the finished ultra-high-power graphite electrode is an important analysis method to evaluate the quality of the raw needle needle coke. The degree of anisotropy certainly affects the electrode production process. The electrode with large anisotropy has better thermal shock resistance than the ordinary power electrode with small anisotropy.

Different grades of needle coke and calcined petroleum coke have different temperature ranges when their linearity and volume change. Only by mastering this characteristic of raw coke can the graphitization process be better controlled and optimized. This is particularly evident in the serial graphitization production process.

Mastering the various characteristics of raw materials, using reasonable equipment matching, good process technology combination, and more scientific and reasonable management of the company, this series of processes is strictly controlled and stable in order to say that it has the production quality The basis for ultra-high-power, high-power Graphite Electrode.


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