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Jun. 01, 2018

Due to the strict environmental pollution control, the new carbon plant has been moved to Datong, Shanxi, with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons. The graphite electrode production specification is 150-400mm and fine grain electrode & graphite granules, also available for customized graphite electrode.

Different grades of HP graphite electrodes, RP graphite electrodes or HD graphite electrodes are widely used in EAF steelmaking ,melting-fining furnace, submerged arc furnace, steel mills and metallurgy industry.

As carbon manufacturer we possess a complete graphite electrode production line from Extrusion Press, Chamber ring bake furnace, High pressure impregnation, LWG graphitization, and Electrode and Nipple machine advanced workshop. The carbon material products can meet the technical property of electrodes after professional and strict inspection, such as low specific resistance, flexural strength, Elastic strength, high bulk density, CTE and low ash content test.

The carbon production department, the graphite products quality inspection department, and the experienced technical department are always ready to provide you with pre-sales and after-sales service, which is our priority to fulfill.

Shijiazhuang Huanan Carbon Factory Co., Ltd. the new plant has been moved to Datong, Shanxi


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