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How to Use Graphite Electrodes Normally?

Mar. 20, 2020

Graphite electrodes can be divided into different types, such as HP Graphite Electrode, ordinary power graphite electrodes, ultra-high power graphite electrodes, etc. Users can choose suitable graphite electrodes according to requirements. However, no matter which graphite electrode is used, in order to achieve a good application effect, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the graphite electrode itself, and on the other hand, it is necessary to master the correct use method. The two-pronged approach can give full play to the advantages of graphite electrodes and achieve good application results. So how to use graphite electrodes correctly? Graphite Electrode Supplier will tell you next.

HP Graphite Electrode

HP Graphite Electrode

1. When selecting a graphite electrode diameter, refer to the allowable current load and current density of the electrode.

2. The graphite electrodes should be protected from rain, snow and water during transportation and storage, and should be dried before use.

3. During the loading and unloading and transportation of graphite electrodes, they should be handled gently to protect the threads and prevent impact and damage. Use special spreaders during loading and unloading.

4. Before connecting new electrodes and connectors, the screw holes of the electrodes must be cleaned with compressed air, and then the connectors and electrodes should be installed as required.

5. If the electrode is lifted with an iron connector, be sure to ensure that the connector screw does not deform and avoid damaging the electrode thread.

6. When connecting the electrodes, use the torque value of the torque wrench to connect the motor.

7. The electrode lifting equipment of the electric furnace should not be shaken during operation to prevent the electrode joints from being loosened, withdrawn or broken.

8. The electrode holder must hold the electrode within the safety wire of the electrode.

9. In order to prevent the electrode from being broken when the undissolved charge is collapsing, the electrode should be raised in time according to the dissolution situation, and the undissolved scrap steel is pushed into the furnace.

10. To remove the foam plastic protective cap on the spare graphite electrode hole, check whether the internal thread of the electrode hole is complete. Clean the surface and threads of the spare graphite electrode with compressed air that is free of oil and water.

11. Avoid using steel ball or metal brush for cleaning. Carefully screw the connector into the electrode hole at one end of the spare graphite electrode, and do not hit the threads. Screw the electrode hanger into the electrode hole on the other end of the spare electrode. When lifting the electrode, place a soft object under the end of the spare electrode mounting connector to prevent the ground from damaging the connector.

12. Use the hook to reach into the hoisting ring and lift it. The electrode should be lifted smoothly to prevent the electrode from loosening from the other end or colliding with other fixing devices. Hang the spare electrode above the electrode to be connected, and slowly drop it after aligning with the electrode hole. Rotate the spare electrode to make the spiral hook rotate with the electrode and lower it. When the electrode is safely lowered, do not force it too much, otherwise violent collision will cause Damage to the electrode hole and connector threads.

The above are some issues that need to be paid attention to when using Graphite Electrode. I hope that by paying attention to these details, you can give full play to the advantages of graphite electrodes when using graphite electrodes.


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