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How To Properly Apply High Power Graphite Electrodes?

Nov. 19, 2019

For many users, there are many details to be aware of when purchasing high-power graphite electrodes. Moreover, these details will be directly related to the application of high power graphite electrodes. So how should the correct application be used to ensure the high power of the graphite electrode? Below the Graphite Tile supplier will come to tell you.

The first is to transport graphite electrodes. When transporting high-power graphite electrodes, in order to be protected from the weather, it is necessary to cover the rainproof cloth. When transporting high-power graphite electrodes with forklifts, extra care is required, and collisions are strictly prohibited. Only one layer is allowed at a time, and attention should be paid to balance the alignment to prevent slipping and breaking. When loading and unloading with a crane, a separate wire rope must be used, and the steel packaging tape of the electrode must not be directly hung. After receiving the high-power Graphite Electrode, the user needs to store it in a clean and dry place for temporary use. When placing it in an open space, it must be covered with a tarpaulin. The stacking height should not exceed 4 layers. When using high-power graphite electrodes, it should be placed in advance by the electric furnace for drying. The temperature should not exceed 150 degrees and the time should not be less than 24 hours. In use, the ladle must be cut with a special tool, and it must not be pulled by a crane.

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

In addition, extra caution is required when applying and installing high power graphite electrodes. When placing the fitting, clean the hole with compressed air and carefully screw the fitting in, without damaging the thread. When connecting high-power graphite electrodes, clean both sides with compressed air when the two electrodes are separated by 20-30 mm. When using a wrench to connect the graphite electrode, it should be fully tightened to the specified torque. In order to avoid the breakage of the graphite electrode, please take out the insulating block in the furnace, place the large block in the lower part and the small block in the upper part. To connect the electrodes, clean the threads of the electrode, carefully screw the connector into one end of the electrode, and screw the lifting connector into the other end of the electrode. Do not hit the thread. It is not recommended to directly load the connector into the electrode being used on the furnace.

Different graphite electrodes have different characteristics and are used in different environments. Although high-power graphite electrodes and other types of graphite electrodes have many functions, good results can be achieved through reasonable application. So what are the details to be aware of when using high power graphite electrodes? Recarburizer manufacturers will come to tell you.

1. If the high power graphite electrode used is damp, it needs to be dried first.

2. Remove the foam protective cap on the spare high-power graphite electrode hole and check whether the internal thread of the electrode hole is complete.

3. Clean the surface of the spare high-power graphite electrode and the internal thread of the hole with compressed air without oil and water; avoid cleaning with steel wire or metal brush.

4. Carefully screw the joint into the electrode hole of the end of the spare high-power graphite electrode (it is not recommended to directly insert the joint into the electrode that has been removed from the furnace). Do not hit the thread.

These are some of the problems that need to be paid attention to before using high-power graphite electrodes. I hope that you can achieve high application results by rational application of high-power graphite electrodes. Of course, if you want to know other types of graphite electrodes after learning about high-power graphite electrodes, you can contact our graphite electrode supplier, we can provide you with more useful information, welcome you.


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