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How Does The Graphite Electrode Extend The Life?

Nov. 20, 2019

Graphite Electrode, mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke, coal tar pitch as binder, is prepared by calcination, compounding, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization and machining, and is released in the form of electric arc in electric arc furnace. The conductor that heats and melts the charge of the electric charge can be divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra high power according to its high quality index.

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

Although the role of the graphite electrode is undeniable, it also plays a large role in the application process. However, the existing graphite electrode, due to design defects, can be specially treated to ensure the life of the graphite electrode is extended, but the unilateral improvement can only alleviate the consumption of the graphite electrode, and cannot effectively solve the fundamental problem. At the same time, when the graphite electrode generates gas, the diffusion of the gas is not treated, which makes the graphite electrode easily oxidized, thereby reducing the service life. However, the graphite electrode also has a certain service life, then what measures can be taken to extend the life of the graphite electrode? Below the Graphite Electrode Supplier will share some tips for extending the life of the graphite electrode.

1. The larger the amount of current applied to the graphite electrode, the higher the surface temperature of the graphite electrode. It is recommended to use the smallest possible load density (power). Please note that the value recorded on the cold end of the graphite electrode is the current and voltage of 1000 °C in the air, which is consistent with the practical application. The surface power of the graphite electrode is determined by the relationship between the temperature inside the furnace and the surface temperature of the graphite electrode. The graphite electrode manufacturer recommends using a surface power of 1/2-1/3 of the density of the graphite electrode and a high temperature resistant graphite electrode.

2. The graphite electrodes can be connected in parallel. If the resistance values of the graphite electrodes are different, the load of the graphite electrode with high resistance in series is concentrated, which causes a certain graphite electrode resistance to be rapidly added, and the life is shortened.

3. After the graphite electrode is heated in the air, the outer surface constitutes a dense silicon oxide film, which forms an anti-oxidation maintenance film and has an effect of extending the life. In recent years, various types of coatings have been developed to avoid cracking of graphite electrodes for use in furnaces with various types of gases.

4. The temperature distribution characteristics of the graphite electrode. The reflection specification at the time of new shipment is that it is within Δ60°C within the useful fever length. Of course, the temperature spread will become larger as it ages and can reach 200°C. The detailed temperature distribution change is also divided by the divergence of the atmosphere and the premise of the application.

5. When using the graphite electrode, I hope to add a resistor slowly to maintain a long life.

6, graphite electrode followed by the application of higher temperature, the shorter the life, so after the furnace temperature exceeds 1400°C, the oxidation rate is accelerated, the life is shortened, the application should pay attention to the graphite electrode surface temperature too high.

If the graphite electrode is used, it can effectively extend the service life of the graphite electrode and avoid creating more value for the user. If you are interested in graphite electrodes, want to know more information, or want to buy and apply graphite electrodes or graphite products including Graphite Tile, you can contact us directly, we can provide you with High-quality graphite electrodes, etc., welcome you.


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