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How To Properly Store Graphite Electrodes?

Sep. 02, 2019

For the Graphite Electrode Factory, in the production of graphite electrodes with mature technology, rich experience, can quickly and large-scale production of a variety of qualified graphite electrodes to meet the needs of the majority of users of graphite electrodes. However, graphite electrode manufacturers need to pay special attention when storing graphite electrodes to avoid the problem of improper storage and affect the quality of graphite electrodes. How to store graphite electrodes correctly?

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

1. Damp Graphite Electrode should be dried before use.

2. Remove the foam protective cap on the spare graphite electrode hole and check if the internal thread of the electrode hole is complete.

3. Clean the surface of the spare graphite electrode and the internal thread of the hole with compressed air without oil and water; avoid cleaning with steel wire or metal brush.

4. Carefully screw the joint into the electrode hole of the end of the spare graphite electrode (it is not recommended to directly insert the joint into the electrode removed from the furnace). Do not hit the thread.

5. Screw the electrode spreader (a graphite spreader is recommended) into the electrode hole at the other end of the backup electrode.

6. When lifting the electrode, pad the soft material to the bottom of the spare electrode connector to prevent the ground from damaging the joint; use the hook to extend into the lifting ring of the spreader, and lift the lifting electrode to prevent the electrode from being loosened by the B end. Take off or collide with other fixtures.

7. Hang the spare electrode above the electrode to be connected, and then align it with the electrode hole and slowly drop it; rotate the spare electrode to make the screw hook rotate down with the electrode; the distance between the two electric surfaces is 10-20mm. When using compressed air, clean both ends of the electrode and the exposed part of the joint; when the electrode is completely lowered, it should not be too strong, otherwise the thread of the electrode hole and the joint will be damaged due to the violent collision.

8. Screw the spare electrode with a torque wrench until the end faces of the two electrodes are in close contact (the correct connection between the electrode and the joint is less than 0.05 mm).

When storing the graphite electrode, attention can be paid to these details so that the graphite electrode does not have problems in storage due to storage problems, which affects normal use. Of course, if you want to buy a high-quality, full range of graphite electrodes, you can contact our company, our company has the ability and strength to meet your needs.

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