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Analysis On The Future Development Situation And Current Situation Of Graphite Crucible

Oct. 10, 2019

Graphite crucibles are essential mineral raw materials for traditional industries and strategic emerging industries. Natural graphite resources are not renewable, and the low level of consumption of raw ore not only damages the economic interests of enterprises, but also damages the vital interests of future generations. The utilization of graphite crucible resources is still in the stage of primary purification and initial processing, which is essential for the protective exploitation and deep development and utilization of graphite.

The classification of the graphite product is determined according to the needs and uses. Nuclear graphite requires high-purity graphite, and pencil production requires low-purity graphite. Graphite paper production requires large scale graphite, and fine flake graphite is sufficient for battery production. In the iron and steel smelting, the graphite has sufficient carbon content to meet the requirements. The quality characteristics of the products produced are determined according to the use, which not only saves costs but also saves resources.

In-depth study of the performance of graphite structure can better improve the technical level of the graphite industry. Breaking the barriers of the traditional graphite industry and the carbon industry, the development of graphite parts, especially integrated graphite products that users can directly use, such as commercial electric vehicle batteries, rather than the raw material graphite for the production of batteries, obviously has greater practical value and economy. Advantage. With the development of science and technology and industry, the application field of graphite will be continuously expanded, and it will become a new functional material and structural material in the high-tech field, which will play a more important role in the national economy.

The graphite crucible industry has broad prospects for development. On the one hand, traditional batteries, refractory materials, machinery manufacturing, printing toner, pencil making and other industries have long-term needs. The emerging new energy vehicles, wind power, environmental management and other industries have great potential applications. On the other hand, the graphite industry It also relies on the development of high performance graphite materials. At present, the natural graphite industry mainly engages in mining and mineral processing, and mainly relies on cheap labor to obtain income. According to the performance characteristics of graphite, the graphite industry has long-term development potential in the following aspects.

Special graphite crucibles mainly include isostatic graphite and needle coke, and the application fields are very extensive. The most important consumption area of isostatic graphite is solar silicon crystal production. Due to the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, the production of silicon crystals is expanding rapidly. The graphite consumables produced by silicon crystals benefit from the rapid development of the global photovoltaic industry. With the scale effect of the photovoltaic industry, the cost of photovoltaics is declining, and the impact of the nuclear power crisis, the future application prospects of the photovoltaic industry is even greater. Isostatic graphite is mainly used in solar photovoltaic and semiconductor, continuous casting molds, EDM and nuclear power. It is especially driven by the photovoltaic industry. The supply of isostatic graphite is in short supply and the price is high. In the photovoltaic industry chain, the demand for isostatic graphite has increased significantly, and the production of large-scale isostatic graphite is mainly for the sale of thermal fields and products.

HP Graphite Electrode 400MM

HP Graphite Electrode 400MM

The annual demand for Needle Coke in China is around 400,000 tons, 80% is imported, and high-grade products are completely imported. Imported needle coke is not only costly but also unstable in supply, and it also causes the steel industry to be forced to bear higher costs. A large proportion of ultra-high power graphite electrodes are purchased from abroad. Needle coke is the main raw material for ultra high power and high power graphite electrodes, accounting for 70% of the cost. Due to the technical monopoly, needle coke is mainly produced abroad. International needle coke producers maintain the status quo in terms of production capacity to maintain the needle coke price at a high level to obtain high profits. The profits of the graphite crucible industry are concentrated in the needle coke production enterprise, and the graphite crucible industry is maintained in a low profit state. With the breakthrough in domestic technology, the capacity of needle coke has gradually broken through foreign monopoly, and the price has returned to a reasonable level.

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