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Brief Introduction of the Use Technology of Graphite Electrode

Apr. 09, 2020

Graphite Electrode Manufacturers talk about different types of graphite electrodes. Arc steel furnaces are generally divided into 3 categories, namely ordinary power electric furnaces, high power electric furnaces and ultra-high power electric furnaces. Corresponding to the power level of electric furnace steelmaking, graphite electrodes are also divided into 3 varieties, namely ordinary power graphite electrodes (code RP grade), high power graphite electrodes (code HP grade) and ultra-high power graphite electrodes (code UHP grade) ). The nominal diameter of the electrode varies from 75mm to 700mm. The physical and chemical properties of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes are superior to ordinary power graphite electrodes, such as low resistivity, large volume density and high mechanical strength, small linear expansion coefficient, and excellent oxidation resistance.

Graphite electrodes corresponding to different types of electric arc furnaces with different power should be selected for AC arc steelmaking furnaces. For high-power electric furnaces, high-power electrodes should be used. Different power furnaces have different choices of graphite electrode diameters. It is generally considered that ordinary power furnaces choose RP electrodes with a diameter of 75-500mm; high-power furnaces choose electrodes with a diameter greater than 300mmHP.

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes 

Graphite Electrode Suppliers remind you to pay attention to some problems when using conical joints to connect electrodes. The biggest advantage of the conical joint is that the longitudinal section of the hole wall of the electrode the hole is tapered, the outer wall is thin, the inner wall is thick, the overall strength is large, and it is not easy to swell. The middle diameter of the joint is large and it is not easy to be broken.

In short, the use of Graphite Electrodes should pay attention to the following matters. When selecting the electrode type and diameter, you should refer to the electric furnace capacity and the equipped transformer capacity. During the loading, unloading, and transportation of the graphite electrode, it should be handled gently to protect the thread and prevent collision damage. The graphite electrode should be protected from moisture during transportation and storage, otherwise, it must be dried before use.

Before connecting, the dust in the thread of the electrode connector hole must be blown off with compressed air, and then the connector and the electrode should be tightened, and the tightening force must comply with the regulations. In order to ensure that different specifications of electrodes can achieve the required tightening torque when connected, some electric furnace steel mills have specially manufactured a tightening wrench, which has a sign that shows the tightening torque to ensure correct operation. The holder should be clamped below or above the hole bottom of the electrode connector. The electrode lifting the device of the electric furnace should be flexible in response, and should not be shaken during operation to prevent the broken electrode or the connector from loosening and tripping. When loading into the furnace, the bulk material should be placed in the lower part to prevent the collapsed material from breaking the electrode during melting. During the refining period, the electrode should not be immersed in molten steel to increase carbon, to prevent the resulting electrode from thinning, causing the electrode to break or the joint to fall. In order to prevent the electrode connector from loosening and tripping, it is recommended to use a connector pin.


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