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Application Fields of Graphite Products

Aug. 06, 2020

Flexible graphite, also known as expanded graphite, is a new graphite product. The United States successfully researched flexible graphite sealing materials and solved the leakage problem of atomic energy valves. Subsequently, Germany, Japan, and France also began to develop and produce. In addition to the characteristics of natural graphite, this product also has special flexibility and elasticity. Therefore, it is an ideal sealing material. The international market demand is increasing year by year. What are the application fields of graphite products shared with you by graphite electrode suppliers?

1. Carbon-graphite products for non-ferrous metal smelting and processing. Specific products include graphite crucibles, graphite boats, precision cast graphite molds, melting gold crucibles, graphite shunts, graphite sleeves, graphite crystallizers, flow nozzles, welding metal cables Use crucible, stirrer for degassing, rotor rod and impeller.

2. Carbon-graphite products for machinery industry Specific products include: graphite sealed moving rings, sealed static rings, graphite bearings, lubricating columns, graphite blades, and mechanical seal parts impregnated with various metals or resins.

Graphite Electrode

3. Carbon-graphite products for the electronic semiconductor industry, semiconductor graphite molds, fuel cell deflectors, graphite substrates, graphite pads for silicon cutting rods, graphite linings for electron beam evaporation, graphite boats for glass metal packaging, graphite for electronic sintering molds, Graphite parts for ion implantation, graphite thermal field for single crystal furnace, etc.

4. Carbon-graphite products for the high-temperature treatment of industrial furnaces are used for various heating elements in large industrial furnaces or vacuum furnaces, heating chambers, hearths, heating pipes, brackets, connecting plates, adjusting plates, connectors, conductive rod joints, Heaters, heat insulation chambers, trays, burning boxes, graphite plates, etc.

5. Chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnace, graphitization furnace dedicated carbon-graphite products, chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnace, graphitization furnace dedicated fine structure graphite electrodes, and square bricks, fine-grain graphite square bricks are used in silicon carbide furnaces, graphitization furnaces, etc. Metallurgical furnaces are used as furnace linings and conductive materials, as well as impermeable graphite heat exchangers for chemical equipment, and graphite molds.

6. Carbon-graphite products for sintering molds of diamond tools. Specific products include graphite combined molds, clay molds, diameter retaining ring, and nozzle rod for oil bit.

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